Eyeliner Tattoo Risks & How To Avoid Them

Eyeliner tattoo Melbourne

In the quest for effortless beauty, many women spend hours every day in front of the mirror, carefully blending, buffing and drawing details to nail their makeup. Fed up with it? It’s no wonder many are searching for ‘eyeliner tattoos in Melbourne’ to simplify their routines and help them get out the door in no time.

Eyeliner tattoos are a semi-invasive procedure requiring pigment to be deposited into the delicate areas of the eyelid— making it important to consider the potential risks eyeliner tattoos carry, before booking your appointment.

For extra peace of mind, our blog will cover everything you need to know about managing your semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo’s risks and the details you need to ask your technician to ensure you achieve a safe and flawless result.

Safety starts with the initial consultation

One of the best ways to learn how to avoid eye tattoo risks is during your consultation. Your technician will medically screen you to identify if you experience any ailments that may be a contraindication to your treatment; some of these may include:

  • Vascular eyelids — This occurs where your veins protrude or are overly prominent on the lash line and could result in excess bleeding and sensitivity.
  • Droopy eyelids — If you experience hooded eyes, the excess skin may cover your eye line and render it indiscernible.
  • Pregnant women— A quality clinic will ask you to delay your treatment after your pregnancy, as there are currently no studies confirming whether pigments interfere. Additionally, to reduce any pain, you might undergo an anaesthetic, which may be unsuitable while gestating.

Risks of infection

While eyeliner tattoos are considered safe procedures when performed by a trained expert in a medical-grade facility, any cosmetic treatment that uses needles to penetrate the skin increases the opportunity for infection. One of the best ways to mitigate permanent eyeliner tattoo risks is to enquire about the clinic’s facilities and how they are maintained.

Clinics must perform every treatment by sterilising the room and equipment, using single-use needles and maintaining pre-op care to ensure technicians clean their hands before starting the treatment.

Research your technician

You need to be thrilled with your permanent eyeliner — after all, it will define your eyes and make them pop for years to come. Spend time reading through reviews, ask friends and family for recommendations, and inspect your technician’s portfolio of work to ensure their results match your expectations.

Risks of developing allergic reactions

One of the significant risks of eyeliner tattoos is the pigments used. Poor-quality products may cause your skin to react with redness or swelling. It may also trigger an immune response where the body recognises the pigment as a foreign body and causes the formation of granulomas — raised bumps or nodules caused by white blood cells clustering around the particle.

To avoid these potential risks, clinics like La Klinic are the exclusive Australian partners of Long Time Liner, the German market leader famed for their vegan, hypoallergenic and plant-based pigments. They don’t contain heavy metals and are independently tested, so you can be confident of achieving a flawless finish. Our team utilises the most precise and gentle pigmentation devices on the market that include in-built medical-grade anaesthetics tailored by our Compounding Pharmacist, meaning minimal pain or downtime post-treatment. As for post-treatment aftercare, you should avoid applying mascara for at least seven days while the area heals, as it can cause unwanted infections. When it comes time to coat your lashes, make sure you clean the mascara wand thoroughly. 

Get safe and flawless eyeliner tattoo results at La Klinic

If you’re looking to transform the aesthetics of your eyes and enjoy a lasting finish that maintains its pigment, La Klinic is the best destination for a permanent eyeliner tattoo in Melbourne. Our expertly trained Elite Linergists undergo annual education in Europe to provide you with a striking result that defines and illuminates your eyes. To schedule your aesthetic-changing treatment, contact our team to book your consultation.

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