Vitiligo Camouflage Tattoo

Vitiligo is a condition that can break down the confidence of the strongest person. It occurs when the melanin-producing cells on the skin surface stop working, causing patches of uneven skin colour. However, you don’t have to go through this experience alone because La Klinic Melbourne is here to help you. Thanks to sophisticated technology called micropigmentation, we can match your skin colour to ensure more uniformity across your body.

Living With Vitiligo

Vitiligo may include discoloured skin patches, a premature greying or whitening of the eyelashes, the eyebrows, beard or the hair on the scalp and loss of colour in the inside-the-mouth and nose tissues. 

The condition has no cure, and most of those who suffer from it are resigned to living life covered up. So, the clever people at La Klinic Melbourne have acquired the skill and technology to help our clients live their lives to their full potential, and feel confident again about exposing their skin.

Vitiligo Solution: Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is a procedure where organic, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic pigments are introduced to the upper layer of the skin called the dermis. Unlike tattoos which introduce ink deeper into the skin’s hypodermis, micropigmentation is more about playing with shades, contrast, and pigments to achieve the desired effect of even skin tone. 

La Klinic, the most trusted Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing company in Melbourne offers you a vitiligo solution for most areas of your body that might be affected. We help our clients to blend in the patchy colour skin as naturally as possible to resemble the surrounding unaffected skin. We can treat areas of Vitiligo no larger than a twenty cent coin.

Top Acclaimed Estheticians in Australia

To carry out such a delicate and precise procedure, one must be highly trained and experienced. The team at La Klinic Melbourne is trained to the highest levels, comprised of Elite Linergists under Germany’s leading cosmetic tattooing company of over 30 years, Long Time Liner®.

With more than 1000 procedures carried out to date so far, our unique ability to help those with vitiligo extends far beyond expert training. We also use the latest, gentlest, and safest micropigmentation equipment in the world. Also designed and patented in Germany, our equipment makes our procedures pain-free and absolutely safe.

We stand behind our word because we also work with distinguished plastic surgeons and doctors. Our clinics are sterile and highly sophisticated with no tolerance to malpractice, slack standards, or unprofessional conduct. You can step into our clinics with peace of mind that you will not experience scarring or infection.

Effective Solution for Vitiligo Skin, Loving Service

We may not truly understand what it is to live with vitiligo, but we can attest to the joy and freedom that comes with having your life back and not having to hide yourself any longer. We have treated hundreds of clients with patchy skin colour and have witnessed their joy and life changing moments first hand, which is what motivates us everyday. 

To be eligible for a treatment, your vitiligo must be stable for at least two years, and the part of the skin should not be under constant exposure to the sun. We can only treat smaller areas.

As a family service, we offer holistic care that transcends doctor/patient relations. If you are ready to try a life-changing vitiligo solution, get your free quote today.