Scar Camouflage Tattoo

The Scar Removal treatment aims to improve the appearance of a scar or keloid, making it less evident. If you have a scar that limits your life, it is unsightly, get in touch with us. Make your first complimentary appointment today and ask for more information about the scar removal treatment.

We can help improve the appearance of scars (including acne scars) using a combination of Micro-Needling which stimulates new collagen production and cellular renewal leaving your scars more even and less taut, as well as Micropigmentation which involves adding camouflage pigments perfectly matched to your skin tone.

If you have a scar that is limiting the way you live your life, get in touch with us. Make your first complimentary appointment today and ask for more information about the scar camouflage treatment.

Is the acne scar treatment painful?

We use the most precise and most gentle micropigmentation device on the market which means there is little to no downtime. And our specially formulated medical grade anaesthetics means little to no pain.

What are the different types of scar treatments? 

In addition to promoting aesthetic benefits to the patient, treatments that involve the removal of scars provide advantages in the emotional and psychological areas of the patient. Some of the most sought after and well-known methods for removing different scars are:

  • Chemical peeling;
  • Laser;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Micro-needling 

What is Micro-needling?

Micro-Needling is a noninvasive form of scar removal. It has been around for over 40 years and it’s currently used in many of the cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics. The scar needs to be more than two inches in length before the skin is made scarred by a needle. It can be a combination of skin that is rough and scaly. The use of this type of treatment helps to smooth out any rough areas on the skin and gives the skin a smooth surface. There are various ways in which this type of scar can be treated, including with the use of acne cream containing Benzoyl Peroxide, herbal treatment, laser treatment, natural scar reduction treatments, retinoid treatment, chemical peels, dermabrasion and high-temperature curettage.

Can micro-needling help rosacea?

Rosacea causes inflammation, which in turn causes swelling and redness. This redness and swelling are actually the exact same symptoms that can be seen with other types of skin conditions such as acne. Micro-Needling can help you treat types of skin issues and it can be used to help heal scars and marks on the skin such as rosacea, as well as repair skin discolourations. 

How long does it take to remove scars?

To achieve the best result possible, scars should be at least 12 months old and fully healed. Multiple sessions are usually required and your Linergist will advise your treatment plan during your complimentary consultation.

How much does acne scar removal treatment cost? 

Our customer experience is very personal, producing exceptional results and amazing reviews. We pride ourselves on giving each and every client the ‘Rolls Royce’ treatment making them feel VERY special. Given we are a family business this comes naturally as we all share the same values. We therefore price our treatments accordingly.