Vitiligo can take its toll on your body confidence and self esteem. If you suffer from these effects, La Klinic can help blend the colour of your vitiligo to more closely match that of the surrounding skin, and break up the texture by softening and flattening it.

We use the most precise and most gentle micropigmentation device on the market which means there is little to no downtime. And our specially formulated medical grade anaesthetics means little to no pain.

Our range of organic pigments are vegan, hypoallergenic, contain no heavy metals, and very kind to the skin. Manufactured in Germany for over 30 years our pigments are tested by independent laboratories so you can be confident of what’s going into your skin.

Multiple sessions are usually required and your Linergist will advise your treatment plan during your complimentary consultation.

Please note, your vitiligo needs to have been stable for at least 2 years, and we are unable to treat areas that have constant sun exposure.

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