Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

If you have an existing Cosmetic Tattoo that you’re not happy with, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to the advancement of cosmetics, it is possible to correct a cosmetic tattoo by up to 100% without leaving scars.

Cosmetic tattoo removal is safe and can be done on all skin types, but it needs to be done by a professional qualified practice like La Klinic, with specialised beauty aestheticians. La Klinic is a  professionally qualified “Elite Linergists” who specialise in both Cosmetic and Medical tattooing treatments. We attend advanced training in Europe each year and have performed over 1000 procedures.

Discover the best cosmetic tattoo removal service at La Klinic

Have you ever had a tattooed brow you can’t stand? Perhaps your brows were too thick and big or were moulded into a shape that doesn’t frame your face? Do you have a wing on your tattooed eyeliner that’s the wrong shape? Or have you ever had a lip tattoo that has gone over the lips and onto the skin, making your pout wonky and uneven? 

La-Klinic comes with good news — we’re excited to bring you Bye-Bye Pigment, a gentle, professional-grade cosmetic tattoo removal system that will improve the appearance of a dodgy tattoo job. 

Our innovative method and high-quality pigments are manufactured by our partners in Munich, Long Time Liner. Their team are experts in the field and have been manufacturing pigments for over 35 years — so you can trust that every pigment we use is free from alcohol and won’t dry out your skin. 

The no-acid solution binds with the unwanted tattoo pigment to bring it to the surface in the form of a thin crust. The lymphatic system then naturally removes the rest of the unwanted pigment. Following your treatment, you should avoid all contact with water — this technique requires dry healing for 3 days, and the area is not to be touched for at least ten days. During this period, the scabs that have formed will naturally drop off. 

To achieve the best possible results and to treat the skin as gently as possible, we advise several sessions with Bye-Bye Pigment. Generally, 3 to 6 cosmetic tattoo removal treatments are sufficient to create a visible difference. However, this can vary depending on the depth, age and colours of the existing pigmentation/tattoo. 

While you may experience some discomfort, you can apply Aloe Vera around the outside of the treatment area to relieve the healing sensation — do not touch the area directly, as this may affect the results. While everybody and every body is different, most of our cosmetic tattoo removal patients can expect healing to take up to 42 days as new, baby-like skin forms, and you can accept a new brow.

Correct and rectify tattoos with our advanced system

Bye-Bye Pigment is based on an alkaline solution, and does not contain acids or toxic substances. Depending on the pH value of the skin, the alkaline solution of the Pigment Remover penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin than other acids or salts used in cosmetic tattoo removal services such as saline tattoo removal. The innovative formula bonds to the pigments of the tattoo, which is then carried to the skin’s surface in a crust that will fall off naturally as the skin regenerates.  

Say goodbye to undesirable tattoos at La Klinic 

Cosmetic tattoo removal is effective and can be carried out safely on all skin types. However, the treatment needs to be performed at a qualified practice. La Klinic is a professionally qualified clinic with a team of highly trained beauty aestheticians, aka “Elite Linergists”, who are experts in both cosmetic and medical tattooing treatments. They’ve carried out over 1000 cosmetic tattoo removal procedures. If you have a tattoo you want to be corrected, removed or rectified, book your free consultation with our team and let us help you get the results you desire.

La Klinic is dedicated to providing clients with the best possible aesthetic experience. We use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology to ensure natural and pleasing results that are aligned with your beauty and skin goals. Our skilled and experienced cosmetic artists are committed to your satisfaction and safety. We offer a variety of services to meet your individual needs and goals — whether you’re looking for eyebrow tattooing, lip tattooing, or want to camouflage scars and stretch marks, we can help. Browse our services today and find the solution that best suits your needs.



Pigments present in the skin are chemically extracted with a gentle non-acid based formula by bonding to the pigment that is then carried to the skin’s surface in a crust which will fall off naturally.


In order to achieve the greatest possible results and to treat the skin as gently as possible, several sessions with Bye-Bye Pigment must be carried out, Usually between 3-6 treatments. However, this can vary depending on the depth, age and colours of the existing pigmentation/tattoo.


The remover solution is injected into the skin with a needle and can be perceived as somewhat unpleasant.


Successful treatment with Bye-Bye Pigment depends on the depth, age and colours of the existing pigmentation/blading, as well as correct post-treatment care. Therefore we cannot guarantee that all pigments can be completely removed but we have seen great results.


– Do not pluck, wax, tint the brows up to 5 days before the treatment
– Do not have any type of peels 10 days prior to treatment

  • Do not use Vit A, Retinol, Cortison products 3 weeks prior the treatment. ( they make the skin thinner)


  • Dry healing is mandatory and no water should come into contact with the treated area for 3 full days
  • Do not touch, pick or scratch the treated area for 7 to 10 days


Bye-Bye Pigment cannot be applied if you

  • have unhealed skin injuries
  • are allergic to one or more of the Remover ingredients
  • Have HIV, hepatitis or another infectious disease
  • Taking certain medications. Please consult our pigmentation professionals at the Beauty Institute.
  • have an immune disease
  • suffer from cancer
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • prone to hypersensitive skin

What other options are there available to remove unwanted cosmetic tattoos?


– The tattooed or pigmented skin is cut out by surgery and completed local anaesthetic.
– Depending on the size of the removed tattoo/pigmentation, this procedure results in more intensive scarring.

Laser Treatment

– With the aid of a laser, the colour pigments in the skin are destroyed and thus loose their colour.
– Not all pigments can be removed, e.g. camouflage pigments. If a colour which is to be removed contains acryl, there is a danger of the colour melting and there’s a risk of burning!
– A laser treatment often involves pain.

  • Very high treatment costs.

Plasma Pen:

– High-frequency heat therapy – this involves high-frequency electric currents, the energy of which is transformed into thermal energy, being led
through the skin.
– Pigments and dyes boil away or vaporise.

  • The skin cells die, there is a very high danger of scarring and infection!


– The colour pigments are scraped off the skin.
– Scarring is very likely.
– It is not very effective.

Magnetic Treatment:

– After the dermabrasion, it is possible to try to wash out remaining pigments during the wound phase through magnetic treatment (provided the pigments contain a certain concentration of iron oxide.

Waterjet Cutting:

– The skin is cut with the aid of a water jet, no scalpel is needed
– The diameter, pressure and pulse frequency of the water jet can be changed as needed.
– The colour pigments are cut and washed out. It is possible to remove all colour pigments.
– Scarring is highly likely.
– Expensive and a relatively new technology in Europe.
– Done under general anaesthetic at hospital.

Saline Injections:

A doctor injects saline into the tattoo to push out the pigment which can take anywhere from 6 – 8 treatments performed 10 weeks apart. There is no guarantee the saline will remove the pigment as the saline does not attach to the pigment for extraction.

What Our Customers Say

Rebecca Robertson
Rebecca Robertson
05:24 06 Jul 21
I had the pleasure of having Anthea do my micro blading at La Klinic. I went in a little nervous with eyebrows that were over plucked and... in need of help…. Anthea made me feel calm from the get go… ensuring that I was happy before proceeding with anything. I am so happy with the results! Thank you Anthea!read more
Fabby Montanari
Fabby Montanari
09:10 24 Jun 21
Anthea was brilliant, very professional gentle and made me feel at ease.I’m just loving my eyebrows and have already had so many... compliments. Thank you Andrea ❤️read more
Diane Gott
Diane Gott
07:31 23 Jun 21
Absolute perfection. I'm thrilled with results . My eyes have opened up and given me more confidence. Anthea is very careful and methodical... so there's no pain and her work is outstanding. Can't recommend her and this business highly enough. Plus everything so clean and sterile. Don't look anywhere else as this is the bestread more
Katie Airey
Katie Airey
09:17 20 Jun 21
I had a powder brow here, done by Anthea. She was amazing! She was so friendly, flexible with my inflexible schedule, and incredibly... precise with her work. I absolutely love my brows and would highly recommend this place to anyone!read more
03:26 28 Apr 21
Eliza is lovely and is really great at scar camouflage. She matched my skin colour as perfect as possible and is very thorough. I can’t... recommend her enough for if you need scar camouflage!read more
Vicki Thomopoulos
Vicki Thomopoulos
02:33 24 Mar 21
Excellent consultation and service experience with Jess. She makes you feel exceptionally comfortable and keeps you well informed. I am so... incredibly happy with my results and feel so much more confident! Highly recommended- you won’t regret your choice!read more
Richard F
Richard F
03:34 18 Dec 20
I had the pleasure of meeting Jess and Eliza at La Klinic Melbourne today. They matched my colour perfectly and Jess did the tattooing.... Their level of professionalism is outstanding and they were genuinely very caring. Jess’s tattooing work is amazing. I had medical tattooing on old scar tissue and the result is unbelievable. I am very grateful and more
Nelmarie Els
Nelmarie Els
12:21 12 Nov 20
I highly recommend Anthea, she is the best in the business. She knew exactly what I wanted and needed from the moment we met. Professional,... friendly, organised and extremely knowledgeable. I felt welcomed and relaxed the entire time. I absolutely love love love my new brows. Thank you Anthea, you have me as a client for more
Shereen Sabeh
Shereen Sabeh
11:01 12 Nov 20
Excellent service , very friendly and very professionalEliza absolutely wonderful and knows what she is doing , absolutely recommend
Marirose Penafiel
Marirose Penafiel
01:10 09 Nov 20
I was feeling nervous at the start of the treatment. Thank You Jess for making me feel very comfotrable during the treatment session.... Numbing cream works really well. I did not feel pain just a little bit of discomfort which is very manageable other than that it was all good. Jess is professional, friendly and accomodating. The only thing I don't like was, my lips did not achieve the desired colour. Still dark and sad bec I still need to apply lipstick. I thought I would not need lipstick after the lip tatoo. Happy with my lipline and eyelashes more
Leah Hallis
Leah Hallis
03:05 14 Jul 20
I was so incredibly happy with the outcome from La Klinic. The team are fantastic and the result was exactly what I was after.
dani l
dani l
00:06 06 Jul 20
Jess has done an amazing job with my lips. Great consultation and clinic is lovely.Would highly recommend. Will return for future, and... other work! Looks amazing!read more
Anne Salt
Anne Salt
05:35 19 Jun 20
Jess is amazing. I admit to being quite nervous about my eyeliner appointment but Jess was so patient and understanding and answered all... my questions and instantly put me at ease. When it came time for my appointment, Jess suggested I may want to consider lash enhancement rather than full eyeliner and it was absolutely the right decision. I love my eyes and it is so natural but still enhances my eyes. I was so delighted I took the next step and did lips too and, again, they look amazing and so natural. Jess is meticulous and so calming and caring. Cannot recommend her too highly. Loving my new ‘natural enhanced look’ so much that I no longer wear any makeup, even for work - just some tinted more
Anna Hutchison
Anna Hutchison
02:46 10 Mar 20
The staff at La Klinic are the consummate professionals. They walk you through the steps of your treatment and explain how things work so... you feel compketely at ease. They take the time to understand just what you want to take from your treatment. The ambience is geared to help you feel pampered at at ease. Couldn't recommend this business more highly Annaread more
Tanika Anderson
Tanika Anderson
10:48 01 Mar 20
The team at LA Klinic were so lovely. They took their time to make sure I understood the whole process behind eyebrow feathering and the... different options I could choose to proceed with. Anthea was amazing at helping me find the perfect brow for my face shape. From the consultation to the first and second sessions, she made sure that I left feeling 100% happy with the final result. Thank you!read more
Janette Allan
Janette Allan
12:21 05 Feb 20
Anthea and Eliza....thank you so much for your expertise, care and time today.My experience was truly relaxing, and with a 100% trust in... your choice of style, technique and should be very proud of yourselves.I’m so looking forward to the morning! Seeing brows in my reflection, feeling good, saving time and not having to use a brow stencil....amazing!.With love and care Janette Allanread more
Jess Noonan
Jess Noonan
22:52 22 Nov 19
Words can’t express how delighted I am to have found Jess at La Klinic Melbourne. I have searched for years for someone to tattoo my lips -... and had never come across anyone that I felt confident that they could do what I wanted until I found La Klinic. From the minute I stepped into the treatment room, I felt so comfortable and reassured that I was going to get the outcome I wanted. Jess is such a talented cosmetic tattooist. Her eye for detail and the time and effort she took to ensuring I was happy with the work was exceptional.Jess has a warmth and an energy about her that also creates a lovely experience. My lip tattoo is the best thing I have ever done. I went for a soft pink colour, and i couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome! Absolute 12/10 experience! Couldn’t rate them more highly!read more
Amy Dipierdomenico
Amy Dipierdomenico
07:28 10 Nov 19
I love my new brows! Thank you Eliza for not only making my eyebrows look perfect, but also for making me feel completely comfortable and... happy with the process. Your attention to detail is spot on. Thanks for all the laughs and music too. I highly recommend La Clinic Melbourne cosmetic and medical tattooing. more
Martha Abas
Martha Abas
01:28 27 Oct 19
I am absolutely ECSTATIC.... I am officially a life time client, Jessica did justice to my lip tattoo , she is absolutely a top notch.... Jessica deserves nothing less than a million stars.I am overjoyed, I can’t keep calm because I am extremely happy with my lip tattoo outcome. I don’t longer wear lipstick because it’s not longer needed. I am so glad I chose La Klinic, best decision I ever made this year. I couldn’t thank the wonderful ladies enough for the confidence they have given me. They’re are extremely polite, welcoming and very knowledgeable in what they do. you wouldn’t be disappointed if you’re looking for the best of the best in Australia. Highly recommend!read more
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