How Our Microneedling Treatment Can Help Camouflage Stretchmarks

Our unique microneedling method for stretchmarks is an innovative cosmetic treatment that involves precise use of our advanced German equipment and technology.

Once a stretch mark changes colour from purple to white, no amount of bio-oil can help. That’s why medical tattooing is ideal for lessening their appearance and improving overall skin tone and texture. 

Interested to learn more about stretch mark tattoo results and how this innovative treatment can boost your body confidence? Keep reading for everything you need to know, including what medical tattooing results you can expect based on the severity of your stretch marks.

Medical tattooing explained

When it comes to stretch marks, medical tattooing is a penetrative skin treatment that uses permanent tattoo ink to conceal and camouflage the appearance of scarring. At La Klinic, we use a combination of microneedling and micro-pigmentation to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production while erasing the appearance of scars by adding pigments that match your skin tone. Whether you have faint white lines around your hips or across your stomach, our technology allows us to work on any body part.

Why you should trust La Klinic for the best medical tattooing results

At La Klinic, we’ve partnered with the German market leaders in medical tattooing to ensure we’re using superior micro-pigmentation technology and patented needles that are gentle on the skin. Our German pigments are vegan, organic, hypoallergenic and tested in independent laboratories to ensure they’re of the highest quality and can maintain their potency for extended periods.

This treatment is performed by our team of Elite Linergists, who are well-versed in the latest medical tattooing technology and have undergone advanced training in Europe to ensure they can tailor this treatment to suit your skin tone.

We work with our clients every step of the way, starting by performing an in-depth skin analysis before creating an individual treatment plan based on the stretch mark tattoo results they desire. We’ll start by completing a microneedling treatment to stimulate cell renewal and follow up with a micro-pigmentation session that adds camouflage pigments to the skin to conceal faint or visible scarring.

This highly-effective treatment is minimally invasive and doesn’t require downtime — so once your session is complete, you can go about your day hassle-free. While you may experience slight redness in the treatment area, proper aftercare will help you achieve the best long-term medical tattooing results.

What you can expect from your stretch mark tattoo treatment

During your initial consultation with La Klinic’s team, we’ll assess your stretch marks and determine whether medical tattooing is the right option for you. If you proceed with the treatment, the process typically involves the following: 

  • Microneedling — Tiny needles penetrate the skin to reach the deepest layers where stretch marks are formed. The needle creates microchannels that stimulate collagen and elastin in the affected area, helping to strengthen, smooth and plump the skin over time. This is the first step to achieving the best medical tattooing results
  • Micro-pigmentation — Otherwise known as stretch mark camouflage tattooing, this semi-permanent treatment involves blending and concealing stretch marks with pigments that match your natural skin tone. Whether your scarring is white or has purple undertones, our pigmented tattoos smooth scars and raised keloids to provide a near-invisible finish. Depending on your desired medical tattooing results, you may need more than one session for the best outcome. 

It’s important to note that raised or deep stretch marks that are dark red or purple are more difficult to treat and conceal than older, smoother and more faded marks. Consequently, depending on how your body reacts to the treatment, you may experience different stretch mark tattoo results. Generally speaking, most clients require two to five sessions spaced six weeks apart for optimal medical tattooing results.

Boost your confidence and achieve the best stretch mark tattoo results at La Klinic

No matter where they’re situated, La Klinic’s Linergists can work with you to improve the appearance of your stretch marks, so you can achieve the best medical tattooing results possible.

Ready to feel more confident and comfortable in your skin? Book your complimentary consultation with our Elite Linergists online today, or contact us to learn more about how our advanced combination of treatments will provide you with the best long-term stretch mark tattoo results.

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