7 Ways To Minimise The Appearance Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, also known as striae, are a common skin aesthetic concern for both women and men. These tiny line-like structures are a form of scarring caused by the rapid stretching of the skin due to growth, weight gain or pregnancy.

While stretch marks don’t pose any medical or health risks, some consider them unsightly, especially since they can appear on various parts of the body that are regularly exposed like the arms or thighs.

If you’re interested in stretch mark removal, here are 7 ways to minimise the appearance of stretch marks.

  1. Topical treatments

Moisturisers and hyaluronic acid-based creams can speed up the healing process of newly formed red stretch marks and make them less noticeable in the future.

Another option is tretinoin, or retinol as it’s referred to by skincare companies. When applied on a regular basis for several months, retinol has the potential to fade early-stage stretch marks. However, this prescription treatment comes with certain side effects if not used as directed and cannot be used during pregnancy.

  1. Micro-needling and micropigmentation

In a micro-needling procedure, your treatment provider may use a derma roller or a micro-needling machine with very fine needles to poke tiny holes repeatedly across the skin. This stimulates cellular renewal and the production of new collagen cells within the skin so stretch marks become significantly less noticeable.

Micro-needling can then be followed by a micropigmentation procedure to even skin tone and disguise blemishes and marks. This procedure applies camouflage pigments to your skin that perfectly match the overall tone to create a more consistent overall colour. To answer the question, how to remove stretch marks permanently? Micro-needling and micropigmentation are a way to completely cover these marks.

  1. Laser stretch mark removal

There are different types of laser stretch mark removal options you can consider, including:

  • Pulsed dye laser therapy — Relaxes the blood vessels that cause stretch marks.
  • Fractional CO2 laser therapy — Smoothes out old white marks.
  • Excimer laser therapy — Targets stretch marks by using a safe ultraviolet-B light

Even if there is no method that’s known to remove stretch marks completely, laser treatment can help in effectively minimising their appearance.

  1. Cosmetic surgery

Certain cosmetic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks can be used for stretch mark removal. However, aside from being invasive and costly, any type of surgical procedure comes with it’s own forms of scarring. 

  1. Microdermabrasion

In comparison to topical treatments, microdermabrasion is a more effective stretch mark removal procedure. Using tiny crystals, the procedure gently removes your uppermost layer of skin to create an illusion that makes stretch marks seem less obvious. It also encourages cell turnover and increased production of collagen.

  1. Chemical peels

By burning the skin’s top layer using glycolic acid, a chemical peel boosts new skin growth and can help slightly minimise the appearance of stretch marks.

  1. Ultrasound treatment

When using ultrasound as a stretch marks treatment, therapists use radiofrequency waves to target affected areas. The sound waves penetrate deep into the skin, creating thermal energy or heat that increases the growth and repair of collagen. This effectively tightens the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive solution or something more permanent, make sure to speak to a specialist to ensure you have all the information to choose the right stretch mark removal procedure. At La Klinic Melbourne, our specialists have the depth of knowledge and experience to provide you with advice to help you make an informed decision. Get in contact with us to book a consultation today!

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