10 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Lip Tattoo

A lot of men and women dream of having fuller-looking lips. Having luscious lips in a colour that compliments your skin tone is an attractive physical feature desired by many. Great looking lips have the power to make you feel more confident when you walk out the door and enhance your self esteem.

Most people turn to cosmetic injectables to achieve the desirable plumped-up look. However, not everyone has the time to do their lips properly every morning and using cosmetics can lead to fairly inconsistent results. Lip fillers, on the other hand, are injected into the lips and can keep them plump for several months, but aside from being invasive, this procedure is also quite expensive.

If you’re looking for a non-invasive treatment that still produces noticeable results, a cosmetic lip tattoo could be the answer. Before you book a lip colour tattoo procedure, we’ve outlined 10 important things you should know.

  1. Cosmetic lip tattoos are designed to enhance the lips, not create fullness

A lip colour tattoo procedure won’t actually change the size of your lips. Instead, by reinvigorating the colour pigment in your skin, cosmetic lip tattoos create the illusion of a more defined and attractive full lip.

  1. Naturally dark lips cannot be lightened with a lip tint tattoo

It is not possible to successfully lighten lips with a lip tint tattoo, however naturally dark lips can still be contoured and defined with a lip tint blush to give them that desirable plump look.

  1. 2 x full treatments of lip tint tattoo are required to achieve the best results

For the best coverage and long lasting results, 2 full appointments are required, ideally 3-4 weeks apart. After your first session, the colour may appear patchy which is why the second session is necessary — to even out the colour and ensure it lasts.

  1. Lips are very sensitive but a qualified professional will help manage the pain throughout your lip tattooing procedure

Made up of more than a million nerve endings, lips can be sensitive to the mini pigment injections during a cosmetic lip tattoo. Before the procedure, your cosmetic tattoo technician will use a numbing cream to reduce and relieve pain. 

Tip: Bring your own numbing cream that is recommended specifically for you by a pharmacist. 

  1. The use of pigments produces superior, natural-looking results

Unlike the watery consistency of tattoo ink that produces an unnatural finish, cosmetic lip tattoos use high-quality pigments to create an attractive, natural and powdery finish. And, for those who prefer to keep things all-natural, there are even organic and vegan pigments available that can be used for lip tattoos.

  1. Lip tattoos naturally fade over time

As part of the body’s normal process, pigments naturally exfoliate out of your skin every 12 to 18 months or so. Frequent contact with food and drinks can also hasten the lightening or fading of your lip tattoo.

  1. Opting for a colour that’s too close to your natural lip colour can mean more touch-ups

Because lip tattoos naturally fade and lighten over time, touch-ups are necessary to maintain your desired look. For those who want to avoid regular touch-ups, we recommend choosing a colour that’s a shade or two darker or brighter than your natural skin tone.

  1. Cosmetic lip tattoo procedures result in a semi-permanent lip tattoo

As they are not permanent, a semi-permanent lip tattoo will require the occasional touch up every two to three years.

  1. People with a history of cold sores will need to take antiviral medication prior to treatment

Anyone who has previously had a cold sore will need to take antiviral medication before their treatment. Either visit your doctor or purchase over the counter (3 in 1 dose Famciclovir 500 mg) at a pharmacy and take it either the night before or the day of each cosmetic lip tattoo treatment to prevent an outbreak.

  1. Risks to be aware of before getting a lip tattoo

Swelling, infection, allergic reactions, scarring and blood-borne diseases, are some risks and side effects to expect after your lip tattoo treatment. For the best results, make sure to do your research to find a reputable provider that maintains hygienic practices and sterile conditions. 

At La Klinic Melbourne, our expert team of specialists have the experience and training to ensure that safety, hygiene and client satisfaction are at the forefront of our cosmetic lip tattoo services. Get in contact with us to book a consultation today!

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