Lip Tattoo Vs. Lip Filler: Your Questions — Answered

If you’re hoping to improve the volume and shape of your lips without plumping your pout with dermal fillers, lip tattooing is a popular alternative. This semi-permanent cosmetic treatment is relatively pain-free and requires minimal aftercare, so it’s little wonder it’s gained traction in recent years. If you’re unsure whether you should opt for a lip tattoo or lip filler, we’ll unpack everything you need to know in this detailed blog.

The lip tattoo treatment explained

Our lips tend to lose definition and colour as we age, especially around the vermillion border. As a result, many women are now opting for lip tattoo treatments — a safe, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses smudge-proof colour to redefine your pout while adding symmetry to your lips. Using a fine acupuncture needle, your trained cosmetic specialist will implant pigment between the epidermis and the dermis to slowly build layers of colour. This treatment provides natural-looking results while restoring colour to pale lips, correcting imbalances, improving uneven pigmentation and reducing the appearance of scars.

Lip tattoo or lip filler — What’s the difference?

If you opt for a lip tattoo versus filler, you can expect longer-lasting results. Dermal fillers are ideal for those who wish to create volume and a more prominent pout, whereas lip tattooing delivers a more subtle look, giving the illusion of fuller, more defined lips without altering the natural shape. What’s more, if you select this innovative treatment, you forgo the need to carry lipstick and lip liner in your bag at all times. Instead, your natural colour will be restored — so you can simply apply a lip gloss and ditch repeated lipstick liner applications throughout the day.

The benefits of lip tattooing

Whether you’re hoping to improve pigmentation, even your shape or create the illusion of a juicier pout, this treatment is ideal for those who wish to add vibrancy to their lips without using injections or multiple makeup products. If conventional makeup irritates your lips or you have trouble defining your pout with lip liner, this treatment will add a youthful and fresh glow to your lips while effortlessly complementing your favourite facial features. It’s also ideal for those who have thin lips and want to add definition and a rounded shape to their cupid’s bow.

Lip tattoo versus filler: What treatment lasts longer?

While it depends on your age, skin type, skincare routine and quality of aftercare, a lip tint tattoo can last for up to two to three years. Over time, the pigment will gradually fade and lighten until your lips slowly return to their natural hue. If you use harsh exfoliating products or are constantly exposed to the sun, this can speed up the fading process. While the colour will appear bright at first, yearly refresh sessions are certainly recommended to prolong the lip shade you desire.

Depending on your metabolism and desired plumpness, If you opt for non-permanent dermal fillers, they are a more temporary solution. You can expect results to last anywhere from six to nine months. Over the months after the filler is injected, your lips will slowly decrease in fullness before they revert to their original shape. If you are set on dermal fillers, it’s important to note that you cannot change the colour or shade of your lips, so a lip tattoo is recommended if this is one of your major beauty concerns.

The lip tattoo healing process

As with any tattoo, there’s a lengthy healing process. After your treatment, you may experience dryness, tenderness or swelling — this should only last for up to 10 hours. To ensure you are completely satisfied with the results and your lips heal well, our aftercare formulas at La Klinic are enriched with vitamin A and E. Plus, we use the most gentle European micropigmentation device, so you’ll never experience blisters or scabbing.

You will, however, notice that the colour is much more intense in the days following your treatment. Fear not — the pigment will fade up to 40% and settle in, so it subtly enhances your natural lip colour.

To ensure you remain pain-free throughout the entire cosmetic treatment, the cosmetic experts at La Klinic apply a topical anaesthetic that will numb your lips. Then, your technician will draw the perfect shape and recommend the best colour combination to complement your natural features and skin tone. Our colour recommendations are individualised and vary from person to person depending on what look you’re hoping to achieve — whether it be blush pink or a dark red tone.

Once you are happy with the shape and pigment hue, we begin tattooing the lips and apply another anesthetic to minimise discomfort. When it comes to lip tattoo vs filler, the former treatment takes around 2.5 hours to complete. We also recommend that if you suffer from cold sores, take an antiviral medication prior to your treatment to ensure there are no outbreaks when we begin the process.

Lip tattoo or lip filler? Let the experts at La Klinic guide you in the right direction

Specialising in both cosmetic and medical tattooing treatments, our staff have attended advanced training in Europe, so you can rest assured we are skilled and up to date with the latest micro pigmentation technology. We use vegan, organic and hypoallergenic pigments that are tested in independent laboratories — so we can also guarantee they are free from heavy metals that contain carcinogenic properties.

Now that we’ve identified the difference between lip tattoo and lip filler, you can book your free consultation with La Klinic today to improve your pout with a semi-permanent solution that will enhance your favourite facial features.

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