Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Tattooing

Bringing your eyebrows back to life and making your eyes pop is easier than ever thanks to cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Whether you want to revive over-plucked brows, suffer from a condition like alopecia or have a facial scar that prevents hair growth, an eyebrow tattoo might be just what you need to create your ideal brows.

Attending advanced training in Europe every year, our team at La Klinic are experts in eyebrow tattoo services including both microblading and micropigmentation. Let’s chat about the differences between the two.

Different types of eyebrow tattooing

Microblading, also referred to as feathered brows, is a semi-permanent treatment whereby tattoo pigment is inserted into your skin with nano blades to create and mimic fine hair-like strokes. Creating a very natural result with virtually no downtime, eyebrow feathering is popular with clients who have never had a cosmetic tattoo before.

Then there is the powdered brow or micropigmentation treatment. Also known as cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, powdered brows is a semi-permanent form of makeup — where tiny coloured particles are implanted below the dermis layer of the skin with a high precision device. Leaving a soft, powdery and gradual look, a powdered brow tends to be the more effective eyebrow tattoo option for those with more oily skin.

The eyebrow tattooing process

Once you’ve decided to get a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo, this is the basic process you can expect on the day of your treatment:

  • Mapping your eyebrows — Using the principles of facial morphology, we first draw and map out the perfect eyebrow shape based on your preferences and, of course, to compliment your natural features.
  • Numbing the skin — Before beginning the cosmetic tattoo, you have the option to numb the region where your eyebrow tattoo will be done with our specially formulated medical grade anaesthetics.
  • Eyebrow tattooing — Line by line, stroke by stroke, the experts at La Klinic accurately place the pigments (in your chosen colour) under your skin to create the brows of your dreams.

Eyebrow tattoos are not permanent

Drawn with organic pigment that is designed to naturally fade over time, eyebrow tattoo treatments are semi-permanent. Our cosmetic eyebrow tattoos can last up to 2 years but generally fade at a rate that depends largely on your age, skin type, exposure to the sun, skincare routine and lifestyle.

Different skin types retain ink differently

More likely to reject coloured pigment and more susceptible to pigment hydration, cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are less likely to last on oily skin and tend to last longer on drier skin types.

Touch-ups and upkeep

Consisting of 2 appointments about 4 weeks apart, we work to ensure your eyebrow tattoo looks perfect and is properly settling into your skin.

In general, micropigmentation treatments last longer than microblading treatments because the pigment is deposited deeper into the skin. However, a yearly colour refresh is recommended to keep your brows looking on point.

Book your cosmetic eyebrow tattoo appointment today

Whether you want fuller, luscious brows or want to take years off your face, an eyebrow tattoo treatment from La Klinic has what you need. We understand that getting a cosmetic tattoo is a big decision, talk to the experts about it — contact us today.

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