Can A Lip Tattoo Make Your Lips Bigger?

Having plump, kissable lips is an enviable feature that has become increasingly desirable in the last decade or so. But not everybody is blessed with naturally full, rosy lips; many women and men turn to expensive makeup and cosmetic treatments such as injectable fillers to achieve the lip shape and size they desire.

But is there another option for those who dream of bigger lips but don’t have the time to layer on a full face of makeup every morning or cannot afford regular lip filler treatments? A cosmetic lip tattoo could be the solution for you!

What is a lip tattoo?

Whether you were born with smaller lips or your lips have lost their definition and colour as you’ve gotten older, lip tattoos redefine your natural lips, add a stunning blush of colour, symmetry and give the appearance of voluminous and big lips.

By implanting your chosen colour pigment between the epidermis and the dermis skin layers with a fine acupuncture needle, your lips are left with a natural permanent makeup look that contours and enhances your natural facial features.

How do cosmetic lip tattoos make your lips look bigger?

Over time our lips lose their natural colour, especially in what is known as the vermilion border – the outline of paler skin around where your lips and skin meet. By combining various natural pigments that match your existing lip colour, lip tattoos can replace that pigment that has faded. Like lipstick or lip liner, this differentiates your lips from your skin and gives the illusion of a beautiful, full mouth.

Being a semi-permanent treatment, a lip colour tattoo makes your lips look bigger and more kissable for a longer period than a lip augmentation with dermal fillers. However, if you are planning on getting injectables, lip tattoos create a beautiful contour and give the injector clear guidelines to work with.

More about the lip tattoo process

Treating many clients with lip fillers and those who view lip tattoos as an alternative to filler, our team at La Klinic has experience enhancing all lip sizes and shapes. We use the principles of facial morphology to accurately map out your face, then design and draw the perfect shape according to your desires and to complement your features. Once you approve of the size, shape and colour, we proceed with your lip tattoo treatment.

Book a cosmetic lip tattoo appointment with the experts

Bringing back new techniques and the latest technology from our training in Europe each year and having over 1000 procedures worth of experience, the team at La Klinic are masters in both cosmetic and medical tattooing. We are the only Australian company with a partnership with the German market leader in cosmetic tattooing, Long Time Liner®.

For more about our lip tattoo treatment and other advanced cosmetic and medical treatments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us online. We look forward to helping you make the perfect choice for you!

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