Affordable Eyebrow Microblading In Melbourne: Cost Breakdown

Eyebrow microblading

From eyebrow pencils, powders and waxes to pomades and setting gels, creating full, fluffy, perfectly-shaped brows can come with a hefty price tag. 

Rather than splurging on the brow-related makeup you’ll find in the aisles of Mecca and Sephora, consider investing in eyebrow microblading — an affordable, semi-permanent brow treatment that delivers long-term results to help you save time on your daily beauty routine. 

The perfect solution for those who struggle to apply brow makeup like a pro, have sparse areas due to over-plucking in the past or are looking to reframe their arch to better complement their facial anatomy, this blog will highlight the benefits and cost of eyebrow tattooing in Melbourne — so you can discover whether this treatment is right for you and fits within your budget. 

Eyebrow tattooing in Melbourne — the cost breakdown at La Klinic 

While microblading is no doubt an investment, the treatment maintains its incredible results for two years or more, undoubtedly saving money in the long run! Plus, no more last-minute dashes to the store to stock up on brow products or spending hours in the mirror trying to create the perfect set with a shaky hand.

Simply entrust the Elite Linergists at La Klinic to deliver top-tier eyebrow tattooing in Melbourne — and let our team help you reveal your newfound confidence. Having administered thousands of cosmetic tattooing treatments, our team is up-to-date with the latest techniques and advancements in the field, striving to ensure you enjoy the eyebrow microblading process from start to finish. 

Our treatment package for eyebrow tattooing in Melbourne costs $995 and consists of two two-hour sessions spaced two to four weeks apart — this allows for adequate healing, so our expert team can adjust the pigment tone if necessary and continue to define the semi-permanent shape of brows. 

While the package is not cheap, our expertise, skill and experience set us apart from competitors. La Klinic is the only clinic in Australia to have partnered with German market leaders in cosmetic and medical tattooing, a highly awarded company for over 35 years. We perform each treatment in a sterile environment using precise German technology and equipment. Plus, all our pigments are tested in independent laboratories and proven to be hypoallergenic, vegan, organic and free from heavy metals.

What La Klinic’s eyebrow microblading treatment entails  

One of the best aspects of brow tattooing is the ability to customise the treatment to suit your preferences. Whether you’d like to add fullness, depth, fluffiness or long-lasting colour to your natural brows, you can work with our cosmetic microblading artists to create your ideal shape before they begin the eyebrow tattooing process. 

For clients with oily skin or other types that cannot hold the fine, hair-like strokes, we often use a combination of microblading and powder brows — two techniques that complement each other and deliver the longest-lasting results. 

During your complimentary initial consultation, your chosen La Klinic artist will assess your natural eyebrow shape and facial morphology, determining which style, shape and colour will work best with your skin tone. They’ll then use a specialised eyebrow pencil to create a preliminary outline of the desired eyebrow shape, which you will need to approve before treatment. 

Minimal aftercare, long-term results 

Once the eyebrow microblading mapping phase is complete and your brows are measured and symmetrically aligned, your artist will begin treatment to mimic your own eyebrow hairs.

Following the completion of your treatment for eyebrow tattooing in Melbourne, you’ll follow our aftercare instructions, such as avoiding direct sunlight, steam rooms, hot yoga, swimming in the ocean and pools and skincare that contains active ingredients for seven days post-treatment. Sweating and exercise also dilute the pigment in the brows, so we recommend mild exercise. 

As the healing phase continues over two to four weeks, the pigment in your brows will appear lighter before it settles into the deepest layers of the skin and true results form. 

Your brows will maintain their new shape and pigmented appearance for at least two years, so minimal touch-ups or maintenance is needed to keep them full, sculpted and fluffy. 

Elevate your brow game with La Klinic’s eyebrow tattooing in Melbourne

Say goodbye to sparse, shapeless brows and hello to perfectly sculpted, natural-looking arches with La Klinic’s affordable treatment for eyebrow microblading. If you’re ready to get started or are interested to learn more about the cost of eyebrow tattooing in Melbourne, contact us today — we look forward to helping you on your journey towards a more confident you.

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