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10 Things To Look For In A Cosmetic Tattooist

Cosmetic tattooing is becoming increasingly popular as people seek long-lasting solutions for their beauty needs. If you’re considering getting a cosmetic tattoo, selecting the right cosmetic tattoo artist is a vital part of the process. We’ve compiled this handy list of pointers to keep in mind while selecting your cosmetic tattooist: How to choose the […]

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Eyebrow Tattoo

If you have pale, hard-to-define brows, spend minutes every morning enhancing them with powders, pencils and gels, or just wish you had fuller or more defined brows, you might have considered an eyebrow tattoo. The procedure sounds pretty intense — after all, ‘tattoo’ is right there in the name! So, what is involved with cosmetic […]

Lip Tattoo Vs. Lip Filler: Your Questions — Answered

If you’re hoping to improve the volume and shape of your lips without plumping your pout with dermal fillers, lip tattooing is a popular alternative. This semi-permanent cosmetic treatment is relatively pain-free and requires minimal aftercare, so it’s little wonder it’s gained traction in recent years. If you’re unsure whether you should opt for a […]

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