3D Areola Tattoo

Artistic reconstruction of the nipple and breast is a wondrous way of restoring the natural confidence of women who, for a number of reasons, may have had their nipples and breasts removed or injured which can result in a devastating loss of confidence. 

Areola reconstruction and a 3D colour boost tattoo can restore the natural look of your breasts and help to make you feel like a new woman. 

What is 3D Areola

A 3D Areola tattoo is a form of medical tattooing that makes use of colour, texture, contrast and shadows to recreate an areola after breast surgery. It came about after reconstructive surgeons started turning to tattoo artists to help women who didn’t want to go under the knife to recreate an areola.

As such, 3D Areola is a highly specialised form of tattoo where the artist works with skin tone, custom colours, and natural vegan organic pigments to restore the natural look of an areola artistically. They are sublime artists with years of hands-on experience that even surgeons can’t recreate, and that is what La Klinic Melbourne offers our clients.

3D Areola by Professional Estheticians 

At La Klinic Melbourne, we are professionally trained and qualified “Elite Linergists.” Our team attends Advanced Training in Europe every year, bringing back new techniques and the latest in technology to Australia. 

With a portfolio of over 1000 procedures, you can trust La Klinic Melbourne to give you back your confidence with a fully reconstructed areola. Plus the procedure is non-invasive, gentle, and executed so well that our clients won’t experience any downtime.

This is because we use the World’s most advanced areola micropigmentation device that introduces organic, hypoallergenic pigments to the top layer of the skin in a pain-free and comfortable way. These amazing devices are created by the best German technology, and we use them in our clinics to ensure safety always.

You’re Safe in Expert Hands

La Klinic is located in Melbourne, Australia, where we work alongside doctors and plastic surgeons to bring new life to Australian women. We are the only cosmetic & medical tattoo business in Australia to partner with Long Time Liner, the German market leader in cosmetic tattooing for over 30 years. That means our pigments, equipment, and expertise is the best in the industry.

As women, the team is very passionate about being bearers of hope and love to those who have suffered under the knife. When you visit our clinic, you can expect a word-class treatment and experience. 

Restore Your Confidence With 3D Areola Tattoo

Our mission is to help women get back their confidence and live life fully. For that reason, we make our service highly personalised so that you can express yourself in a safe private clinic working hand in hand with us to get the desired outcome. 

Every consultation is specialised and bespoke, giving our unique ‘Rolls Royce’ treatment to every single client. At La Klinic Melbourne you can feel comfortable and safe, so please feel free to book your free consultation now.

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