3D Areola

Areola Reconstruction or Colour Boost medical tattoo treatment provides the finishing touch after breast surgery, helping clients feel complete and normal again.

At La Klinic we have been trained in 3D areola design which takes into account light reflection, shadows and finer details including wrinkles and milk ducts to achieve a beautiful and natural looking result.

We can also minimise the appearance of scars around the areola, or restore a more natural looking colour and shape.

We use the most precise and most gentle micropigmentation device on the market which means there is little to no downtime. And our specially formulated medical grade anaesthetics means little to no pain.

Our range of organic pigments are vegan, hypoallergenic, contain no heavy metals, and very kind to the skin. Manufactured in Germany for over 30 years our pigments are tested by independent laboratories so you can be confident of what’s going into your skin.

A consultation is required for every new client. This consultation enables you to express your concerns freely and confidentially. Following an assessment and examination, our Linergist will advise a tailored treatment plan for you.

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